Sunday, September 14, 2014


"....if we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call "fatum," what we currently refer to as destiny." 

I've got issues, like majorly. Every time I watch Serendipity, (Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack are perfect) I begin "operation understand and believe in destiny" all over again, forgetting that I've already had this conversation with myself a few times. I guess it's just one of the side effects of reading, you know? You just think too much about stuff that often only happens in novels. 

But it's got me thinking, what if we just let the universe do things? Like if we just let stuff happen TO us?? What would happen? Even if we didn't try to make things happen would they still turn out the way they would if we did try? Thoughts like this squander all the logic and practicality I try to muster up in between day dreams and well, dreams in general. But but, do you not wonder? About soulmates and things that are meant to happen? I mean, what does that even mean..."meant to happen?" So every thing, every single moment is meant to be, or else it would not be? It can't be that simple, it cannot.

It's a wonderful thought, the idea that all of life- that every single event is part of some master plan to lead us to our universal soulmate or "dream job destination" or whatever...but if that's really true, what's the point of living? Eeeks. 

But then I think someone who truly believes in destiny doesn't just sit idly by without doing the real work, instead they live their life without strings and let the universe take it's course. They don't stop doing and being, they just look for signs and feelings that are unlike anything else. Whenever I have this life epiphany (god I'm such a sap), my closest peeps nod and agree and probably want to smash me in half, not that I blame them, but this aspect of the unknown just intrigues me so much. (that's my ''in my defense" statement)

Okay okay, so since I'm already all over the place I'm sure it does very little further damage to dive into another tangent. Do you believe in coincidence? If you do then maybe you're not game with the "everything happens for a reason" universal mantra. But if you don't believe in it, do you then have full faith in fate? My comrade in life theories (who knows who she is) said this, "I've come to a concise statement. Two destinies aligning with one another at a specified time." Coincidence. *light bulbs and firework emoji*

Right!? In the movie, Sarah and Jonathon both reached for the black cashmere gloves at the same exact moment. They had an iced mocha at Serendipity where they BOTH forgot something, and had to return back at the same time after hesitantly parting ways. They both picked the 23rd floor. His fiance gave him THE copy of "Love in the Time of Cholera" with Sarah's name and number (as promised was out in the world somewhere) and her best friend grabbed the $5 bill with his name and number (as promised to be in general money circulation). Is all that coincidence? I think so. But like in the movie, it's not necessary to realize coincidence is happening when it is, which just makes everything even more mysterious.

It could all just be a maze designed by the universe to get you to where you're supposed to be. Maybe signs do exist, but sometimes we're much too "oh it could never happen" to realize that the universe has been trying to tell us something. In the same sense, the absence of signs can also BE a sign. (shamelessly stole that from Jon, yep totes on first name basis with my favorite movie characters) The movie shows that we have a measure of power to control and fulfill our lives. Yet, there is a pattern in the universe that is called destiny.

The concept of happenstance is all so wildly out of our reach, as if we don't have the capability to understand. And maybe we don't even have to understand. Maybe we just have to have faith. In destiny, ya know?  

Ugh, is this bizarre? Am I sounding like a complete and horrible wannabe hopeless romantic? (is that even a thing?) I mean, it's not even about that. I'm not writing an essay to tell you guys that I think I think my soul mate doesn't exist because there's no possible way everyone meets their soulmate with 7 billion people in the world. Errr, I'm just saying in general life. About alllll the humans in the entire universe. What are we? Do we actually believe in destiny? Or is it just a convenient escape to ward off the often undesirable present and to embrace the undeniable hope of possibility? I'm not too sure, really. But I feel like I'm onto something...ehh debatable. 

Until next time X 

You're so done with me, I don't even blame you. In fact, just run outta here.