Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yin and Yang will Always be a Thing

Happy February friends! Well, four days in but I still wish upon you happiness. Goodness, it's so strange to me that we've written 2014 on our papers for an entire month already. It's scary, no? Just when I thought, okay okay it's a new year to slow down and restart and get it together all over again, time smacks me square in the face. But fine, in defense of time- I am being a tad dramatic.

I drew this last week as part of my project 365 on instagram where I take a picture a day, for 365 days. Day 22 was swamped. Deadlines and deadlines and the tedious things that make life horrible just because. And not just a bad hair day, although it is most definitely a viable excuse to declare a day "bad." However, I had a spectacular cup of honey lemon ginseng green tea that night and poof! Life was good.

Ever since I was little, I've kind of been obsessed with the whole yin and yang thing. I'd doodle it everywhere, including my hands and my wall. (Yes, my mom freaked out a few times.) The idea of balance is so brilliant, and maybe that sounds blahh and painfully enthusiastic but I'm really trying to see it that way. We don't realize how often we toy with the good and the bad simultaneously.

 It's because of one we see the other.

Here would be an excellent place to insert that wide-eyed emoticon followed by a light bulb. I don't mean to beat this notion to the grave, I just think there are a few things in life we don't notice, especially when we spill coffee on ourselves. I think it's important to spill a hot latte on your new jacket once in a while so you don't get too crazy and start parading around with a "my life is the best!" post-it note on your forehead. But hey, if you do anyways, good for you. And sorry that seems co-opted by sarcasm. I'm not being snarky.

Like yin, it's good for "bad" days to exist so her counter part, yang is that much more appreciated. Notice I used "her" for yang. I read somewhere that Yin characterizes the feminine or negative nature of things and yang stands for the masculine or positive side. But I'm hardly qualified to extensively discuss ancient Chinese culture, so I'll just stick with my "good" and "bad." 

We need both. It's not the end of the world if something bad happens. Not to say that you should power through (God forbid) a tragedy with a smile! Not at all.  Maybe it's enough to realize that the good will come to your rescue soon. Good wouldn't exist without bad, and bad wouldn't exist without good. *forces hand away from keyboard* 



  1. I adored this when you posted it on Instagram and I adore this explanation even more.

    I tried commenting on one of your older posts a while ago and somehow technology beat me so I'm going to try again.

    You are such a delightful little piece of eloquence. Your quips on Twitter are effortless drops of heartwarmth (not a word, I'm aware) which are nothing short of a tease. I'm glad you decided to give us more by diving into blogging. You have a charming way of approaching any range of topic with humorous, easy to read, straight to the soul Zareen flair. Continue maintaining your own style and voice because that's what sets you apart from the rest and will, no doubt, be the reason you gain followers.

    Sorry that kind of got dramatic, but I've really always felt that and this seemed like the best platform to tell you slash encourage you to continue. I'll definitely be reading, Toiletfoot. :)

    1. Oh my goodness! They need to come up with a new word that means flattered but like a thousand times more. You are the kindest, and honestly the most encouraging person when it comes to this writing stuff. Thank you so so so much!!! Ahhh, toiletfoot. Always. :)