Monday, February 24, 2014

Fake a Good Night’s Sleep ( it sounds sad but really it’s genius)

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Just because you've pulled an all-nighter and ended up dozing off with mascara on doesn't mean you have to show it. That sticky feeling is the worst, but what’s even worse is that it actually happens more than we'd like to admit. And then waking up from that unsatisfying sleep is nothing less than an icky, cold and a “why me?!?” feeling.

BUT! (there’s always a but) You can fake it. You can walk out that door and be the envy of your fellow all-nighters. You can still look awake and fresh. Oh I love the word fresh. It reminds me of clean, white linen doused in cotton scented Febreeze.  And you can pretend that’s exactly the scene you woke up in. All you need is tea. On your face! Under your eyes. 

I don’t exactly remember where I read this little remedy, but it was a long time ago. All I know is that it works and I've kept it a secret all this time. Just kidding, I'm pretty sure the world is ten steps ahead. 

To fake it:

Steep a few bags of caffeinated tea and pop them in the fridge. I use either a pure green tea, or a green tea with ginger. It doesn't matter too much- what’s important is the caffeine. After a few minutes you’ll have a cooling, invigorating eye treatment that will disguise a whole host of sins. You just take the cold tea bag and gently press it against your under-eye and along your cheekbone. The caffeine in the tea will increase circulation and de-puff those heavy eyes. It’s not magic- unfortunately we won’t become a dewy masterpiece the minute the tea bag hits our face. It will make you feel awake though! Also it's super resourceful and so quick.

It’s meant to de-puff, and de-puff is what it does. De-puff if beginning to sound less and less like an actual word.

“Oh yeah, rough night.” Just keep nodding while they stare and refrain from touching your face. 

ps: If you've found something else that works too, do share! Also, yogurt is a face gem. But that's for another time! I'm still experimenting with the additions of honey and lime. 

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