Sunday, January 26, 2014

Take Two.

Hi. I’m rebooting my blog. Is that the right term?

When I first started with a ("cute" as I've been told) first post, I actually thought I could do this. Yeah sure. I could scribble down a recipe, convince cyberspace that chocolate chip cookies heal hearts, go off about stars and murals and stuff. And then we can all be friends and I'll be on my way to Vogue! 

Crazy talk. 

Really I cranked out only a handful of completely random, no focus whatsoever posts that kind of made me cringe when I went back to see what on earth I spilled. 

A blog should be a compilation of life and things related. (Not a slap in the face, “I woke up at 6am and my life sucks so much stress I have it the worst” blah blah blah.) But a collection of things that represent YOU. For me it’s always been baking and baking. But also thoughts on bettering myself and my outlook on life with a healthy dose of panda enthusiasm. It’s all over the map, really.

All I needed to do was to write. I do it anyways, my journal can attest to that. Although if my journal could really talk and feel, I think I may have spent it. It probably groans when my pen draws near, for all I know.

Point is I write all the time!! But why do I hide it from this Baker in a Beret url thing?? I think I’m a bit unsure, to be honest with myself and others (or the 4 of you who read. You are awesome btw). For some reason I find my writing so introverted that I feel funny sharing it. Besides, doesn't everything sound so much better in your head?

But I’m changing, guys. My professor once told me to keep talking. And he didn't mean by mouth, he meant by words on paper. (insert practice makes perf cliche) From now on forth….I will blog [more]. I want to be a blogger.

Well…not professionally. Yikes (although there are bloggers out there who need not much more because they own it. But that is not the case here.) I do hope to expand one day, make something out of my ongoing magazine journalism education.

But for now, hi. I hope you’ll have me!


  1. I would love to know the mysteries unspoken but traveled in your head!

    And yes of course, they all just get more amazing when you turn your thoughts into words.

    It did feel like you hold most of what you want to say, inside...untouched, untraceable for a common eye, but let go.

    Break free :)

    And random as it was, ur blogs were always always the sunshine of my days!

  2. I love u more than i did at take one! ;) lol ur the cutest Zareen. I love ur recipes and hope to see more so i can try them aka take a snap shot of them frm my phonoe so i can show u what to make me wen i come to visit! ;) lol
    Keep writting Zaru ma.

  3. Looking forward to more posts od yours! I love your recipes and I really think you are a talented writer. I love to read anything from you - short or long - because somehow you manage to touch something inside me, very sensitively you talk about stuff that I think about a lot, too, and you're being so damn cute with it that I tend to believe, that you have panda soul! Keep going, Zareen, you've got what it takes!

    1. Lucie thank you so much! Honestly, all that means so much to me. X And panda soul!!? Oh man, so flattered! :)