Monday, January 27, 2014

5 Ingredient Cake

No, this isn’t a 3-tier chocolate mousse cake with a bazillion piped roses. It’s not Martha Stewart layers on layers on layers, or a red velvet showstopper.

It’s just cake. A simple, fluffy, humble ode to pantry staples and that random 4 o’clock sugar craving. (Ok well, I crave sugar at least 20 hours of the day. And that’s okay, too.) It's sweet, satisfying, life-affirming and  takes the cake for easiest dessert ever. What a beautiful pun that was. 

The best part, apart from everything else I just said, is that it requires no more than 5 ingredients. The minimal list allows the cake to mirror the simple loveliness of its star ingredient: condensed milk. Yes, the sticky sweet can of magic. It makes the cake compact and dense, but soOooO fluffy and pillow-like. I almost want to sleep on it. 

Recipes like these are my favorite. Although I love getting crazy in the kitchen, there’s something so comforting about a cake that dares not be anything more. You know?! It's just cake. And it slays. 

You can serve it almost plain, with just a kiss of lemon zest and powdered sugar with a side of lemon whip cream (like I did!) or you could add a chocolate glaze or even fold in some raspberries to the batter.
Tea time was a little fancier tonight. Fancy without the fuss. Oh hey, I like that!

Also, I’m sure I’ll keep experimenting with this recipe and maybe even add in some vanilla or coconut extract next time. Let’s experiment together, yeah?!


1 14 oz can condensed milk
4 eggs
1 cup flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
4 tablespoons melted butter

1.      Prepare spring-form pan: line with parchment OR grease with butter and flour. Tap out excess flour by twirling it around over the sink
2.       In a large bowl, with a handheld electric mixer, beat eggs. Pour in the condensed milk and beat until pale yellow and smooth, then pour in the melted butter and beat for a couple seconds.
3.       In another bowl, whisk around the flour and baking powder. Add dry ingredients a little bit at a time to eggs/milk mixture. Beat until JUST incorporated!

4.       Pour into pan and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees, or until golden brown, but very moist when you press down on top of cake. X 

Serve at room temperature :) 


  1. Omg this look soo delicious. Love the pictures ..i just need to make this asap. And inshallah i will!!! Aww mouth is watering!!!! U did suuuch a great job with presentaion and everrything.

  2. I need the lemon cream recipe too please! ;)
    Omg shredded coconut and pinapple on top with lemon would be good too!!! ;) lol

  3. I just gained 10lbs reading this. So going to try to make it. Love your blog. Xo

    1. Haha, thank you so much! Do let me know how it turns out if you ever make it :)

  4. My favorite part of this post: "I almost want to sleep on it."

    Sounds delicious, I must try this soon :)!