Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Day, New Pet Peeves : )

There's a RUSH RUSH HURRY NO TIME TO COUNT YOUR CHANGE kind of culture at 8 am in Chicago and it kinda freaks me out. People walk so fast you might even secretly wish they'd trip just once; and don't even get me started on their inability to patiently wait for the "walk" signal. Like, literally zero patience. And the taxi drivers who are so numb to human beings on the crosswalk. Just run me over why don't ya! And then how it seems if you're wearing a suit and tie, or a formal work dress, you dare not smile at the short, seemingly too-young-to-be-navigating-the-city-alone girl that just wants to spread happiness. Smiling is like the ultimate city faux pas. And then there's Starbucks! Ohhhhh, Starbucks you snooty little pit stop. I love Starbucks, yes, I have a decent relationship with a skim caffe misto. The issue, folks, is the LINE. Oh my god the line. And the line isn't entirely it, it's the tall businessman (or so it seemed) that rambunctiously shares his life story with the person on the end of his conversation AND everyone else WHO clearly possesses a knack for eye rolling. Please stop talking and consciously asses your life choices and possibly consider tape. In other words, today was my first day of Journalism school smack in the middle of the city.

Yep, that's pretty much what went on in my head. But please, don't get me wrong. I love it. Really I do. But I've learned that it's important to pick out the parts that you don't like to find what you love. And besides my little melodramatic spiel, Chicago is magic. And it's not that I never knew that, it's just nice to be reassured of it. I've always just been a city-goer for fun; to stroll the streets and discover bakeries. But now it's changed; I see it differently as someone who is walking just as fast, and extending that very line at Starbucks and someone who also rushes across the street the second the white pedestrian symbol pops up. (But I still smile like nobody's business ;) ) The energy, may I add, is like the Wizard of Oz. It just hits the right spot and makes me happy. (Wizard of Oz reference entirely subjective.)

I'm glad to have gotten that out of my system. It was getting in the way.

Ready for Day 2!


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  1. "But I've learned that it's important to pick out the parts that you don't like to find what you love."

    That's SO true! and lady, even your ranting was very informational haha! Well, yes you could change, but since the heart shall remain same, it will just as be great ;)

    I'm sorry, I couldn't be a part of your Day 1. Hope it all went fantastic! :)