Thursday, August 29, 2013

I call it: "How to keep the little things from taking over your life."

(I just pray one day I'll get this blogging thing down to a tee.) Ok so yes, it has been forever and a day and I'm seriously ashamed at my inability to stir up a post in a timely manner! But life happens sometimes, ya know?! School starts up on September 3rd for me and I've just been running around figuring things out and applying for this and that and searching the corners of the internet for internships and a one way ticket to success. Well, maybe that last part is a little out of reach, but it's there...somewhere. Truth is, I'm freaking out. I've been really sweating the small stuff, like seriously perspiring.  And in time, while doing so I've realized that it's ALL small stuff. All of it! And if you can help it, make yourself believe it's not a big deal. It's just life. Works for me about 2 out of 5 times :)

I've had my fair share of romantic comedy movie nights to hear something along the lines of "this happened TO you??" and stuff like that. And the hopeless romantic delivering that line to their cynical counterpart is usually right. Life doesn't happen to YOU, it just happens. Why do I and the people around me take the happenings of life so personally? My question is bizarre, I get it. But what if we could just find a way to keep the little things from driving us up a wall?? Why can't we just accept what's thrown at us sometimes and understand that life doesn't have a vendetta against US exclusively? And if we think about it (as I have been lately because clearly I have enough time on my hands), the things that are thrown at us or the stuff that happens TO us, is probably not as melodramatic and colossal as we make ourselves believe it is. Just think about it. 


  1. Well, now I'm curious about what's to come!

  2. How to keep little things from taking over our life? Ah, this blog is going to be blessed haha!

    What you mentioned above is SO SO absolutely true!!! I have learned, we just need to life happen, and accept things as they come.. and you know, in mean time, we'll see our dreams come true too..perhaps not the exact way and exact time we thought but they sure will ;)

    Please, shower the enlightenment!!