Friday, August 9, 2013

Haircut feelings

Eeeeks I chopped off my hair! It was frightening running my fingers through the back and feeling the open air so much quicker. But now I feel so free and airy, I just want to make a melon basket and dance around in a white fluffy dress. I'm pretty much an advocate for fearlessness in general so I couldn't delay my act of (courage) any longer. Courage is a huge word, and maybe used out of context here but ridding yourself of a security blanket and slouchy shoulders "mask" is not easy! (I'm more or less aiming that towards my brother who thinks it's no big deal). I used to hide behind my hair all the time. It seemed so easy to just scrunch it and let it puff out and hold my face. I don't know quite what happened that I just really wanted to be spontaneous and brave, but it did and it got done. Jeez, if only a ticket to Paris was as easy as thinking and doing. :) I had been parading around the house saying I was going to get a drastic haircut and dye it purple. Not that much in my gut yet! But getting there.... ;) I went in and told the stylist to "chop it." 5 inches gone, swept away. I wish I could say that I felt unstoppable and dramatically changed from the inside out with each snip. Nothing too crazy, but I kind of just felt comfortable and new. My hair was so unruly and looooooooong. And even though a few of my cousins shrieked in utter despair that my hair no longer cascaded down my back, they learned to be ok with it being my head and not theirs :) Oh gosh I didn't intend this to be all ME ME MEEEEEE! I just wanted you to know how good it feels to take a chance and embrace it. There's no going back, so you've just got to ever so humbly rock it out :) And that goes for life in general, yeah?

Anyways, I promise myself to get more recipes up and blog it out in the very near future. I just hope my awkward is not off the charts anymore.
Thanks for reading! whoever you are.

xo Zareen

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  1. I felt exactly exactly just exactly the same!!!!!!

    Break away ;)