Sunday, June 30, 2013


This is not too recent. But the idea of this is always fresh and new and exhilarating to me so I wanted to "chronicle" it down in my blogging life. This was an 8 mile hike my cousins and I embarked on a summer ago. I think the woods are made for adventure alone with the many trails calling your attention this way and that. Which do you choose? "Bear Claw trail," or some path claiming to be an "Eagle." But the choices didn't matter so much as the idea did. Someone dear and near once said, "the heart of a girl inclines and rejoices at the thought of having choices." Hmmm, choices. Quite honestly, I hadn't reaaalllly thought of the whole 'choices' situation until boredom took me through my iPod camera roll. I just scrolled through these woodsy pictures and came to the conclusion that I should never wear a headband in the sweltering heat (frizzy frizzy hair). Ok, kidding. I noticed the trees and the twigs, but mostly I felt the sense of freedom that comes with aimlessly roaming the woods. Like, aimlessly skipping though life with nothing but a pocketful of options left and right. And I like it. I like the idea that I can CHOOSE where I want to go and who I want to be, and what I want to eat for breakfast. Things we take for granted everyday...everyday at the Starbucks drive-thru, every week at the nearest redbox...every year to be someone new. 

Choices are nice. Really they are.

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  1. You know what's beautiful about this post? When I started reading it, I thought I'd have an adventure on your hike in the past, but surprisingly... you chose to talk about choices..and honestly, it's amazing what you said. It's true, we take things like these for granted to have been blessed to make choices. To know you could do what you want to, be who you want to be....and not.

    Your someone dear and near kinda seems wise :-P haha!

    But yes, where choices are nice, I realized that sometimes to choose to have no choice is equally beautiful. To let go and let it all just be done, on its know? :)

    It's magical....too.